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June, 2002- Prof. Bojic took part in ASHRE’s conference held in Honolulu.




Prof. Milorad Bojic,

Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Sestre Janjic 6, 34000 Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.


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University of Kragujevac


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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Milorad Bojic Ph.D.


:: Genaral info

Full professor @

The Department of energy and process engineering,

University of Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.

Honorary professor @

The Department of Building Services Engineering,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

:: Courses taught

HVACR Systems Analysis, Building energy simulation, Thermodynamics, and Heat Engineering are only some of the courses taught by professor Bojic at different universities around the globe.

:: Publications

Numerous articles published in worlds’ most respected journals in area of energy management make professor Milorad Bojic one of the top scientists and lecturers in his area of expertise.  

:: Research

Professor Bojic has rich research experience in various fields including energy recovery, thermal comfort, finite-time thermodynamics, Integration, thermo economy, Global warming, Air conditioning engineering etc. 

:: Education and professional experience

Professor Milorad Bojic is an honorary professor in the department of building services engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 1997 Professor Bojic taught at University of Nagoya, Japan. Now, he is teaching at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering at the University of Kragujevac, Yugoslavia. Professor Bojic is also an expert of Yugoslav government in Heating and Air Conditioning.  

:: Membership

Professor Bojic is member of New York Academy of Sciences, ASHRAE as well as many other respected organizations.       

:: Awards

Throughout his career professor Bojic received many scholarships and awards. He has been listed in highly respected publications and magazines. 

:: Students’

It is the rich experience that professor Bojic shares with his students. The students’ page is coming soon.