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June, 2002- Prof. Bojic took part in ASHRE’s conference held in Honolulu.




Prof. Milorad Bojic,

Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Sestre Janjic 6, 34000 Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.


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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

University of Kragujevac

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Scholarships/Awards obtained

1.     1976-77, Fulbrait scholarship, Syracuse University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

2.     1987,       Study Grant, Serbia Scientific Establishment, (Visit 31.April–9.May 1987) Imperial college of science and technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Contact Prof. Whitelaw, John

3.     1990,       Study Grant, Serbia Scientific Establishment (Visit 11-19.June 1990) Loughborouh University of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Contact Dr Dennis Loveday.

4.     1995,       Who' Who in European Research & Development, Bowker Saur, London, England.

5.     1997,       Marquis Who'Who in World, New Providence, N.J.USA.

6.     1998,       Marquis Who's Who in Finance and Industry, 30th edition, New  Providence, N.J. USA.

7.     1998,       Dictionary of International Biography, twenty-sixth Edition, Edited by Sophie Mason, International biographical centre, Cambridge, England.

8.     1998,       Two Thousand Outstanding People of the Twentieth Century, Edited by Annette Greenwood, International biographical centre, Cambridge, England.


9.     1999,       Outstanding People of the 20th Century, Edited by Michell Shelsher, International biographical center, Cambridge, England.

10. 1999,       Member of International Scientific Committee of conference “Energy & Agriculture towards the Third Millennium”, Athens, sponsored by European Commission DG XVII.

11. 2000.       FY2000 JSPS Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan in Osaka Prefecture University.

12. 2001        Figure from the paper Bojic, M., Lee, M., Yik, F., Flow and temperatures outside a high-rise residential building due to heat rejection by its air- conditioners, Energy and Buildings, Vol. 33/7 (2001) 737-751 is selected to be new Energy and Building journal cover (from issue 34/1).

13. Acknowledgement off the essential contribution to ensure the continuing quality of Energy (Pergamon Press), Energy 27 (2002) 521-522.

14. 2003        Member of International Scientific Committee for Conference “Healthy Buildings 2003”, Singapore- Official Conference Of International Society Of Indoor Air Quality And Climate ISIAQ.